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Soru ve Cevaplar ve Misafir Soruları Kategorisinden İngilizce-Türkçe Islam Konusununa Bakıyorsunuz..
  1. Misafir

    İngilizce-Türkçe Islam

    Sual: بسملله الرحمن الرحيم

    Muhterem Efendim,
    Gayri Müslim birine İngilizce olarak islamın şartlarını,İslam'da evlilik,kadın ve erkek haklarını anlatmak istiyorum.Bu konuda bana yardımcı olabilirmisiniz acaba?
    Bu konuları ayrı ayrı paragraflar halinde anlatmak istiyorum....Saygılarımla,

    Abdullah Selimoğlu ?

  2. Muhammed
    الله اكبر

    Cevap: İngilizce-Türkçe Islam


    Cevap: İngilizce yazılmıl islami kitapları Diyanet Kitapevlerinden temin edebilirsiniz.

    İslam kavramının, Türkçe dilinden İngilizce diline çevirisi

    Islam, "Delete" and "greetings", a word derived from the root. 105 of the Qur'an as it passes through this place. "Islam" word, name, and up to 10 verse passes into verbs. Silm, peace, confidence and peace of mind, a salute, happiness, peace and security means. In Islam, to surrender to God, to obey and bow to mean. Muslim man to adopt Islam, Muslims are called to the women.

    According to the Qur'an of Islam, to surrender oneself to God alone, to be used only to Him, is to worship Him alone. This is due to oneness. In this sense, Islam is alone as the last prophet. Muhammad is not only about religion brought by all prophets, the people to worship Allah alone, to faith and righteous deeds in the Hereafter in essence is that they are invited to commit to a belief system. In this regard, invites the belief that the point of unification of humanity, all act as ambassadors of Allah are the same. "There is no partner for Him. Me and I am commanded only that ilkiyim Muslims." (En'am, 6 / 163); "the religion with Allah is Islam." (Al-i Imran, 3 / 19); "who calls a religion other than Islam, know that (that religion), it will not be accepted and the Hereafter will be losers." (Al 'Imran, 3 / 85) refers to this fact.

    Hz. Islam of the Prophet, bear witness to the word-i, prayer, fasting, alms giving and pilgrimage (Muslim, Iman, 5); Muslims, the Muslim, the language, the hand, that the Muslims Selamettin person. " (Bukhari, Iman, 3) as described. This is according to the situation of Islam, humanity is indispensable for the values ​​of faith, worship, such as the Transactions and the basic principles of morality as a necessity of social life and a universal religion that accepts ekmel. Indeed, the worshipers of Rights Almighty chose Islam as the most appropriate religion declared: "Today I have perfected your religion, completed My favor upon you and for you Islam as religion." (Maide, 5 / 3)

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